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Meet the MD

Joshua Parkhill 

Musical Director

Freelance Trombonist

Joshua has been the bands Musical Director since Sept 2021 and has taken the bands performances to new levels, with his attention to detail and his drive for success. 

His knowledge of music shows in his interpretations of pieces and band training techniques that have improved the band's intonation, note production and dynamic range.

A Bit About Me

Hi there, my name is Joshua Parkhill and I am the musical director of Brass Sounds Inverclyde. I started conducting the band as they returned from lockdown after the covid pandemic and have seen the members of the band grow in their technical and musical ability since then. Under my leadership the band has been promoted from a mediocre 4th Section band to a highly competitive and motivated 3rd section band looking to tackle 2nd section and beyond in the coming years. I was first exposed to music as a child through the Salvation Army and its brass band set up. Here I gained valuable skills and a passion for musical outreach which I use today in my conducting. It is great to be able to pass on my musical knowledge to people who haven’t had access to formal music training and see them develop and achieve their musical goals. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve anything through hard work and determination and this is something that I try and encourage the musicians of Brass Sounds Inverclyde to embody. I was literally in their shoes only 8 years ago playing trombone with the band and have since progressed to holding principal seats in bands and freelancing around the world professionally as a musician. It is because of this that I hold the musicians of Brass Sounds Inverclyde to a high standard of excellence because I know they can achieve it if they work hard. There are many conductors and teachers who have helped shape my methods as a conductor and brass trainer. One of my biggest inspirations was the late, Nigel Boddice MBE who taught me about discipline and professionalism as well as being a constant champion of me and all the young musicians he taught. His constant commitment to musical performance, audience engagement and dry humour during rehearsals are things which I carry with me into rehearsals. Something I am very passionate about as Musical Director of Brass Sounds Inverclyde is the championing of young people and giving them positive performance experiences. In my time with the band I have brought the average age of the band down and am glad to have also got a number of young musicians on principle seats. As conductor I aim to create a supportive environment where they can thrive. I enjoy the youthful energy that the band currently has and look forward to a bright future with Brass Sounds Inverclyde.

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